Nordicom Review 34 (Special Issue) 2013. New Nordic Journalism Research

Editor(s): Sigurd Allern, Henrik Bødker, Martin Eide, Epp Lauk, Ester Pollack


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Introduction: New Nordic Journalism Research
Sigurd Allern, Henrik Bødker, Martin Eide, Epp Lauk, Ester Pollack

Boardroom Empires? A Study of Ownership Inflence in the Swedish Press
Jonas Ohlsson

News Behind the Wall: An Analysis of the Relationship Between the Implementation of a Paywall and News Values
Nina Kvalheim

Mapping Online Journalism in Transition: Exploring an Analytical Model
Jannie Møller Hartley, Christoph Houman Ellersgaard

“Shaming the Devil!”: Performative Shame in Investigative TV-journalism
Magnus Danielson

Changing Magazine Journalism: Key Trends in Norwegian Women’s Magazines
Brita Ytre-Arne

Diversity through Dualism: The Balancing Principle as an Organizational Strategy in Culture Departments of Newspapers
Maarit Jaakkola

Innovation of New Revenue Streams in Digital Media: Journalism as Customer Relationship
Jens Barland

Audience Participation in the Production of Online News: Towards a Typology
Aske Kammer

A Small Exclusive Circle: An Institutional Approach to Business News
Carl-Gustav Lindén

The Shift from High to Liquid Ideals: Making Sense of Journalism and Its Change through a Multidimensional Model
Kari Koljonen

Journalistic Autonomy: Between Structure, Agency and Institution
Helle Sjøvaag

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