Nordicom Review 33 (Special Issue) 2012. Communication, Media and Development

Editor(s): Florencia Enghel


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Ulla Carlsson

Mobilizing Communication Globally: For What and For Whom?
Karin Wilkins, Florencia Enghel

Means of Communication: Transnational Struggles and Scarce Resources
Thomas Hylland Eriksen

Mobilizing for Global AIDS Treatment: Clicking Compassion and Shopping Salvation
Lisa Ann Richey

The Potential of Foreign News as International Development Communication
Bella Mody

The Underside of Communication in Development
Nora C. Quebral

Rebranding Development Communications in Emergent India
Paula Chakravartty

Public Sector Software, Participatory Communications and Social Change
Pradip Ninan Thomas

Is it Possible to Generate Development Starting from Communication?
Rosa María Alfaro Moreno

Communication for Development in Good and Difficult Times: The FAO Experience
Silvia Balit

The Limits of Communication: The Gnat on the Elephant
Ricardo Ramírez, Wendy Quarry

The Growing Pains of Community Radio in Africa: Emerging Lessons Towards Sustainability
Peter da Costa

Reality Television for Community Development: The Kwanda Initiative in South Africa
Gavin Andersson, Lebo Ramafoko, Renay Weiner

The Globalization of the Pavement: A Tanzanian Case Study
Hugo Boothby, Anders Høg Hansen, Ylva Ekström

Teaching and Learning Communication Process as Community-based Transdisciplinary Inquiry
Natalie Oram, Helen Hambly Odame

The Civil Society Organization Media Manager as Critical Communicator
Kelly Caringer, Peter Lemish

Social Entrepreneurship and Communication for Development and Social Change: Rethinking Innovation
Emile G. McAnany

Global Survival: Towards a Communication of Hope?
Cees J. Hamelink

ComDev in the Mediatized World
Thomas Tufte, Oscar Hemer

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