Nordicom Review 41 (2) 2020

Editor(s): Johannes Bjerling, Karin H. Zelano


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Establishment versus Newcomers, Critical versus Administrative? Sketching the structure of the Swedish field of media and communication studies
Johan Lindell

Comparing Digital Communication Systems: An empirical framework for analysing the political economy of digital infrastructures
Sofie Flensburg, Signe Sophus Lai

A Longitudinal Analysis of Swedish Local Governments on Facebook
André Baltz

Exploring digital divides in older adults’ news consumption
Annika Bergström

Online Surveillance in a Swedish Context: Between acceptance and resistance
Coppélie Cocq, Stefan Gelfgren, Lars Samuelsson, Jesper Enbom

Book Reviews
Maarit Jaakkola (Ed.), Matteo Stocchetti, Bente Kalsnes, Poul Thøis Madsen