Nordicom Review 40 (Special Issue 1) 2019. Making Sense of Small and Big Data as Onlife Traces

Editor(s): Anja Bechmann, Kjetil Sandvik, Karin Zelano


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Making Sense of Small and Big Data as Onlife Traces
Anja Bechmann, Kjetil Sandvik, Karin Zelano

One Day in the Life of a National Twittersphere
Axel Bruns, Brenda Moon

Inequality in Posting Behaviour Over Time: A study of Danish Facebook users
Anja Bechmann

Structural Ageism in Big Data Approaches
Andrea Rosales, Mireia Fernández-Ardèvol

The Meaning of Links: On the interpretation of hyperlinks in the study of polarization in blogging about climate change
Dag Elgesem

Exploring the Meaning Problem of Big and Small Data Through Digital Method Triangulation
Sara Leckner, Pernilla Severson

Walking Through, Going Along and Scrolling Back: Ephemeral mobilities in digital ethnography
Kristian Møller, Brady Robards

A Room of One’s Own? Using period trackers to escape menstrual stigma
Amanda Karlsson

Encounters with Self-Monitoring Data on ICT Use
Minna Saariketo

Tracing Communicative Patterns: A comparative ethnography across platforms, media and contexts
Signe Sophus Lai, Jesper Pagh, Fiona Huijie Zeng

Four Styles of Quali-Quantitative Analysis: Making sense of the new Nordic food movement on the web
Anders Kristian Munk

Personality Filters for Online News Interest and Engagement
Ragnhild Eg, Arne Krumsvik