Nordicom Review 40 (2) 2019

Editor(s): Johannes Bjerling


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The Difference Culture Makes: Comparing Swedish news and cultural journalism on the 2015 terrorist attacks in Paris
Kristina Riegert, Andreas Widholm

Framing Gender Justice: A comparative analysis of the media coverage of #metoo in Denmark and Sweden
Tina Askanius, Jannie Møller Hartley

Control over Stories of Illness and Life: The case of a career media participant turned media professional
Espen Ytreberg

Issue Salience on Twitter During Swedish Party Leaders’ Debates
Linn A.C. Sandberg, Ulf Bjereld, Karina Bunyik, Markus Forsberg, Richard Johansson

Journalism and the Political Structure: The local media system in Norway
Helle Sjøvaag, Truls André Pedersen, Ole Martin Lægreid

Visual Crisis Communication in the Scandinavian Press: Images of the MS Estonia disaster
Carmen Daniela Maier, Finn Frandsen, Winni Johansen

Visualising Old Age: Photographs of older people on the website of the DaneAge Association
Christa Lykke Christensen

Exploring Journalism and Computer Science Student Collaboration: A Norwegian case study
Elsebeth Frey, Ragnhild K. Olsen, G. Anthony Giannoumis

A Pilot Study on Developing Newsgames in Collaboration between Journalism and Computer Science Students
Marko Siitonen, Panu Uotila, Turo Uskali, Jukka Varsaluoma, Tanja Välisalo

Book Reviews
Editor: Maarit Jaakkola
Kelechi Okechukwu Amakoh, Arjen van Dalen, Djuna Hallsworth, Jack Booth