Nordicom Review 21 (2) 2000

Special Issue: The 14th Nordic Conference on Media and Communication Research
Editor(s): Ulla Carlsson


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Ulla Carlsson

On the Cutting Edge, or Otherwise, of Media and Communication Research
Sonia Livingstone

Searching for Landmarks at the Forefront of Media Research
Horace Newcomb

On the Edge: A Meta-Analysis of the State of Media and Communication Research
Klaus Bruhn Jensen

Media Research Cutting Edges: All Quiet on the Nordic Front?
Anker Brink Lund

The Future of Nordic Media and Communication Studies: The End of Splendid Isolation?
Terhi Rantanen

Cultural-Cognitive Perspectives on Communication: The Thinking Human Being
Birgitta Höijer

Notes on Text Production as a Field of Inquiry in Media Studies
Espen Ytreberg

Proximity: The Name of the Ratings Game
Stig Hjarvard

How to Make Thin Journalism Strong? Experiences of a Public Journalism Project in Finland
Heikki Heikkilä

The Economics of Sports Programming
Terje Gaustad

Risk, Reflexivity and Democracy: Mediating Expert Knowledge in the News
Louise Phillips

Communication Challenges in Connection with Catastrophes and States of Emergency: A Review of the Literature
Stig Arne Nohrstedt

Monitoring Media Crisis: A Decade of Stories about Unemployment in Helsingin Sanomat
Sanna Valtonen

Scales of Space, Place and Money: Discursive Landscapes of Regional Inertia, Identity and Economical Change
Inka Moring

Storylining Baltic News: Swedish Identity Mechanisms in Latvia’s Citizenship Episode
Kristina Riegert

Hypernews and Coherence
Martin Engebretsen

A Matter of Attitude: Reflections on Phenomenology and Media Culture
André Jansson

The Aesthetics of the Television Talk Show
Hanne Bruun

Radio As Ritual: An Approach to Everyday Use of Radio
Bent Steeg Larsen

Sally Potter’s “ecrands seconds”: A Reading of Sally Potter’s Work
Anne Jerslev

A Battle for Public Mythology: History and Genre in the Portrait Documentary
Søren Birkvad

What the Metaphor Could Not Tell Us About the Prime Minister’s Bicycle Helmet: Rhetorical Criticism of Visual Political Rhetoric
Jens E. Kjeldsen

The Hypertextual Dialogue between Living History and True History: Two Perspectives from the World Wide Web on the Holocaust
Maria Mattus

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Working Group Papers (PDF, 56,9)