Nordicom Review 43 (1) 2022

Editor(s): Johannes Bjerling, Karin H. Zelano

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Media narratives, agonistic deliberation, and Skam: An analysis of how young people communicate in digital spaces
Harald Hornmoen, Yngve Benestad Hågvar, Nathalie Hyde-Clarke, Birgitte Kjos Fonn, & Dagny Stuedahl

Migration and community in an age of digital connectivity: A survey of media use and integration amongst migrants in Iceland
Lara Hoffmann, Þorlákur Axel Jónsson, & Markus Meckl

"Not quite the struggle of normatives": Belonging and entitlement in Swedish "body activism"
Malin Sveningsson, Alva Vestberg, & Johanna Hedström

Public AI imaginaries: How the debate on artificial intelligence was covered in Danish newspapers and magazines 1956–2021
Sne Scott Hansen

Television documentaries as spearheads in public service television: Comparing scheduling practices on the linear channels and video-on-demand services of Danish TV 2 and DR
Hanne Bruun & Benedicte Krogh Bille

Podcasting about yourself and challenging norms: An investigation of independent women podcasters in Denmark
Freja Sørine Adler Berg

"How is he entitled to say this?": Constructing the identities of experts, ordinary people, and presenters in Swedish television series on climate change 
Kirill Filimonov & Nico Carpentier

Book Reviews
Maarit Jaakkola (Ed.), Gauti Sigthorsson & Kenneth Andresen