Journalism in Conflict and Post-Conflict Conditions

Worldwide Perspectives

Kristin Skare Orgeret
William Tayeebwa
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This most important book on Journalism in conflict is the result of a long-term and fruitful collaboration between researchers in the North and South.

The essays address questions in different contexts, ranging from Afghanistan to South Sudan, Syria to Libya, and Nepal to Colombia.


Ulla Carlsson

Mahmood Mamdani

Introduction: Conflict and Post-Conflict Journalism: Worldwide Perspectives
Kristin Skare Orgeret

Afghanistan: Journalism in Pseudo-Post-Conflict, Conflict and Post-Conflict: A Clash of Definitions?
Elisabeth Eide

Justified Mission? Press Coverage of Uganda’s Military Intervention in the South Sudan Conflict
Charlotte Ntulume

Who’s to Blame for the Chaos in Syria? The Coverage of Syria in Aftenposten, with the War in Libya as Doxa
Rune Ottosen, Sjur Øvrebø

Framing Peace Building: Discourses of United Nations Radio in Burundi
William Tayeebwa

Women Making News: Conflict and Post-Conflict in the Field
Kristin Skare Orgeret

Experiences of Female Journalists in Post-Conflict Nepal
Samiksha Koirala

Intercultural Indigenous Communication of the Indigenous Communities of Cauca in the Context of the Armed Conflict
Henry Caballero Fula

Global and Local Journalism and the Norwegian Collective Imagination of “Post-Conflict” Colombia
Roy Krøvel

Improving Post-Conflict Journalism through Three Dances of Trauma Studies
Elsebeth Frey

Moving Forward, Holding On: The Role of Photojournalistic Images in the Aftermath of Crisis
Anne Hege Simonsen

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