Journalism and the New World Order Vol.2

Studying War and the Media
Editor(s): Wilhelm Kempf, Heikki Luostarinen

The first part of the book deals with the media's role in conflicts and provides conceptual and theoretical tools for the analysis of conflict coverage and war reporting. Under the title 'How Did We Get Here?', the second part of the volume provides the historical background needed to understand the present situation of journalism in war. The third part presents different methodological approaches to the study of war and the media, applying both quantitative and qualitative methods of analysing media discourse. The fourth part is dedicated to studies of the Gulf War and the conflict in Bosnia and demonstrates application of the previously described theoretical models and methodological approaches. Finally, 'Beyond Wishful Thinking', the closing part of the volume, summarizes the implications of this kind of research in terms of practical journalism.



Wilhelm Kempf, Heikki Luostarinen

Propaganda Analysis
Heikki Luostarinen

The Changing Role of the Media in Conflicts. From the Cold War to the Net Age
Heikki Luostarinen, Rune Ottosen

Conflict Coverage and Conflict Escalation
Wilhelm Kempf

TV Wars, the Audience and the Public
Oddgeir Tveiten

Propaganda and Reporting in Total Wars
Heikki Luostarinen

The US Media and the Vietnam War. Sparks for a Fire
Heikki Luostarinen

Propaganda and War Reporting after the Vietnam War
Heikki Luostarinen, Rune Ottosen

News, Discourse, Rhetoric, Propaganda. Conflict Journalism from a Multi-Methodological Perspective
Oddgeir Tveiten, Stig Arne Nohrstedt

Integration of Quantitative and Qualitative Content Analysis in Media Research
Wilhelm Kempf

Communication Disorders in Conflict Coverage
Michael Reimann

Images of the UN in Dagens Nyheter and the Washington Post during the Gulf War 1990–91
Stig Arne Nohrstedt

The Presentation of Alternative Ways of Settling the Gulf Conflict in German, Norwegian and Finnish Media
Wilhelm Kempf, Michael Reimann

Escalating and Deescalating Aspects in the Coverage of the Bosnia Conflict. A Comparative Study
Wilhelm Kempf

Peace Journalism – A Challenge
Johan Galtung

Journalism and Cultural Preconditions of War
Heikki Luostarinen


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