Children, Young People and Media Globalisation

Yearbook 2002

Ulla Carlsson
Cecilia von Feilitzen
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Yearbook 2002 contains research examples illustrating the role of media globalisation in children's and young people's lives in different parts of the world. The transnational media and media contents - imported television programmes, satellite TV, the Internet, video and computer games, popular music, 'global' advertising and merchandised products - are to a great extent used by children and are, as well, increasingly targeting children. What does this mean for media production? For children's cultural identity and participation in society? For digital and economic divides among children both within and between richer and poorer countries? A separate section of the book presents recent statistics on children in the world and media in the world.

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Book cover: Children, Young People and Media Globalisation


Pages: 262
ISBN print
Series: The International Clearinghouse on Children, Youth & Media