NEWS | 6 Dec 2018

The Icelandic ad market in 2017: Newspapers still on top

In 2017, the Icelandic advertising revenue decreased slightly after a virtually continuous growth in recent years. Newspapers are still the most important advertising medium, retaining nearly 40 per cent of the total advertising revenue.

NEWS | 16 Nov 2018

Continuing decline in global Internet freedom

In 2018, Internet freedom declined for the eighth consecutive year, according to the annual assessment by Freedom House.  Worst is the situation in China, while Iceland and Estonia top the list of countries with high Internet freedom.

NEWS | 7 Mar 2018

Women direct only one out of ten Icelandic films

Since the mid-1950s, almost 200 Icelandic full-length cinematographic feature films have been produced in Iceland; and nearly all of them have been directed by men. New data from Statistics Iceland cover 70 years of Icelandic film production.

NEWS | 5 Dec 2017

Media ad revenue in Iceland halved since 2007

The advertising revenue of Icelandic media is now at half of its all-time high in 2007. Newspapers are still the single most important advertising medium in the country, retaining almost 50 per cent in 2015. This development is described in an analysis from Statistics Iceland.

NEWS | 5 Dec 2017

Continuing decline in Internet freedom

A new report from Freedom House shows that, in 2017, Internet freedom declined for the seventh consecutive year. Governments’ manipulation of social media is one explanation for this decline. Iceland and Estonia top the list of countries with high Internet freedom.

NEWS | 29 Nov 2016

Internet freedom on decline

Internet freedom around the world declined for the sixth consecutive year in 2016, according to a report by Freedom House. Iceland, the only Nordic country in the study, is rated as a global leader in free speech.

NEWS | 14 Jan 2016

The largest Icelandic media companies in 2014

Iceland’s largest media company, the privately owned 365 miðlar ehf., is twice as large as the second largest media company, the public service broadcaster RÚV, and three times as large as the newspaper publisher Árvakur hf. This is shown in 2014 revenue statistics.

NEWS | 3 Dec 2015

Report on RÚV creates debate in Iceland

A report on RÚV, the Icelandic National Broadcasting Service, has been followed by a heated political debate. Both the opposition in Parliament and individuals within the media community have criticized the report, which is expected to serve as input in the ongoing discussions concerning a new service contract between RÚV and the State.


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