Freedom of Expression and Media in Transition

Studies and reflections in the digital age

The issues raised by today’s global and multicultural societies are complex, and it is urgent for the research community to help improve our understanding of the current problems. Digitization and globalization have changed our communication systems in terms of time, space and social behaviour;  they have resulted in a transformation of functions as well as management practices and the market by adding new types of transnational companies.  The context of freedom of expression has shifted.

In 2009, Nordicom published Freedom of Speech Abridged? Cultural, legal and philosophical challenges, and a few years later Freedom of Expression Revisited. Citizenship and journalism in the digital era. The current publication may be seen as a follow-up to these earlier titles. It is based  on research in the Nordic countries, but many of the studies are global in nature and the result of collaborations between researchers from many parts of the world. It is hoped that this collection will contribute to knowledge development in the field as well as to global and regional discussions  about freedom of expression, press freedom, and communication rights in contemporary societies.

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Freedom of Expression and the Media in a Time of Uncertainty. A brief introduction 
Rethinking the Nordic Media Model: A Challenge to Democracy 
The Media Welfare State. Nordic media in times of change 
Communication Rights and Public Service Media. Changing ecosystems, changing ‘publicness’ 
In Transition: Freedom of Expression, Media and the Public Sphere 
Free Speech at an Intersection. Notes on the contemporary hybrid public sphere 
On Press Freedom and Other Media Freedoms 
Media Freedom Revisited. The widening gap between ideals and reality 
Liberate Freedom from Its Ideological Baggage! 
Trust and Values for Sale. Market-driven and democracy-driven freedom of expression  
Three Dilemmas of Visual News Coverage 
Media Freedoms in Changing Frames. Tanzania under a magnifying glass 
Digital Media Pluralism. The need for global strategies 
Threats to Freedom of the Press: Control, Surveillance and Censorship 
Canaries in the Coalmine. Why journalists should be concerned by privacy 
Threatened Source Protection. Freedom of expression and extremist adversaries 
Drone Journalism. The newest global test of press freedom 
Journalists Behind Bars 
The Internet is Weakening Authoritarian States’ Information Control. Syria as a case study 
Ai Weiwei and the Art of Political Dissidence in the Digital Age 
Reporting War and Conflict: Safety and Civil Rights 
‘Mediatization’ of War and ‘Martialization’ of Journalism. The twins threatening democracy and human rights in the New Wars 
Women in War. Challenges and possibilities for female journalists covering wars and conflicts 
The (Un)safe Practice of Journalism. An analysis based on UNESCO’s Journalists’ Safety Indicators assessments 
Reduced Security for Journalists and Less Reporting from the Frontline 
Ethical Dilemmas, Guilt and Posttraumatic Stress in News Journalists 
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