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Finn mer fakta om medier. Listan med länkar/links omfattar branschorganisationer, myndigheter, forskningsinstitutioner, mediebolag, med flera, i Norden, Europa och på internationell nivå.

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Kantar TNS Danmark (tidigare TNS Gallup)

Kantar TNS Denmark

Statistics on TV viewing (TV-meter surveys), radio listening (Gallup radio index) and newspaper and magazine readership (Index Danmark).

Kantar TNS Finland - TNS Metrix

Previously TNS Gallup Finland.  Conducts periodic surveys and presents statistics on media consumption and media habits in Finland. This site presents data on internet traffic from TNS Market Metrix.

Kantar TNS Norge

Kantar TNS Norway

Previously TNS Gallup Norway. Data on media penetration and consumption in Norway. Responsible for the Norwegian TV meter survey and newspaper readership. Data on daily coverage for national media groups (survey Forbruker & Media) and Internet traffic data (number of users per website, sessions, etc.). Kantar TNS was responsible for the official radio listening data until 2019, when Nielsen Media Research took over.

KIA – Kommittén för Internet Annonsering

Branch committee whose objective is to reach a common standard for measuring advertising on the Internet. KIA Index presents weekly internet traffic data. (The website is in Swedish only)

Kirjakauppaliitto ry

Booksellers Association of Finland

Branch organisation for booksellers in Finland. Provides detailed statistics on members' book sales.

Kulturanalys Norden

Nordic Agency for Cultural Policy Analysis

Kulturanalys Norden generates statistics and other knowledge of relevance to Nordic cultural policy. Kulturanalys Norden was initiated by the Nordic cultural ministries, is funded the Nordic Council of Ministers, and is located at the Swedish Agency for Cultural Policy Analysis, Myndigheten för kulturanalys.

Kulturanalys Norden are working to promote a long-term systematic coordination of Nordic cultural statistics. They disseminate knowledge in the area of Nordic cultural policy by publishing reports, arranging cultural policy conferences and using other means to promote knowledge dissemination and dialogue pertinent to their areas of knowledge.


Ministry of Culture

Legislation and regulations for the media in Norway. Administrative media bodies under the ministry are e.g. the Norwegian Film Institute, the Norwegian Media Authority, the National Library and the Arts Council


Danish Ministry of Culture

Information about radio and TV in Denmark; news and legislation.


Swedish Arts Council

Authority responsible for government subsidies to books, periodicals and phonograms.

Kungliga biblioteket

Royal Library - National Library of Sweden

National library. Information on book production from Libris online database Nationalbibliografin covering Swedish literature. The website also provides Swedish periodica online.

Kungliga biblioteket - Nya Lundstedt

Royal Library - National Library of Sweden, Newspapers

National library. Nya Lundstedt is an online free accessible database on Swedish newspapers and periodicals. It contains data on frequency, circulation, format, editors etc., and covers newspapers from the turn of the 20th century and forward.  (In Swedish only)

Kungliga biblioteket – Biblioteksstatistik

Royal Library – National Library of Sweden, Library statistics

Since 2011 the Royal Library – National Library of Sweden is responsible for collecting and publishing the official statistics on libraries and library loans in Sweden. This site is available in Swedish only – nevertheless “Rapport Bibliotek” (pdf) contains an English glossary and English translation on every table and figure.

KVF – Kringvarp Føroya

Public service TV and radio broadcaster in the Faroe Islands. The annual reports provide audience and content data. (The website is in Faroese only).

Kvikmyndamiðstöð Íslands

Icelandic Film Centre

The centre supports production, distribution and promotion of Icelandic films, and gathers and publishes information about Icelandic films.

Landsbókasafn Íslands-Háskólabókasafn

National and University Library of Iceland

Bibliographical information on books, magazines and journals published in Iceland.


Nordic company database. Information on financial data, contacts, etc., for companies in Denmark, Finland, Norway and Sweden. Four country web sites and language versions: largestcompanies.dk, largestcompanies.fi, largestcompanies.no and largestcompanies.se.

Liikenne- ja viestintäministeriö, Kommunikationsministeriet

Ministry of Transport and Communications

The Mass Media Unit of the Ministry of Transport and Communications handles television and radio broadcasting, mass media legislation, newspaper subsidies, economy and research on mass media and postal affairs. Provides a variety of data on mass media in Finland.

LLA – Landslaget for Lokalaviser

Branch organisation for local newspapers in Norway. Information (circulation, etc.) about member newspapers. (The website is in Norwegian only)

LUMIERE database on admissions of films released in Europe

The database LUMIERE provides a systematic compilation of available data on admissions of the films released in European cinemas since 1996. The database is the result of the collaboration between the European Audiovisual Observatory and the various specialised national sources as well as the MEDIA Programme of the European Union.

MAVISE TV database

The database MAVISE offers data on TV markets, television channels  and online audiovisual services in the European Union. MAVISE is available on the website of EAO, a European public service body comprising 40 member states and the European Community, represented by the European Commission. See also EAO, under "General Audiovisual Statistics".