Extern statistik

Finn fakta om medier i Nordicoms databas. Här länkar vi till medierelaterade branschorganisationer, myndigheter, databaser, med mera. Fokus ligger på de nordiska länderna samt europeiska och internationella organisationer.


Danskernes Kulturvaner (Kulturvaneundersøgelsen)

Danish Cultural Habits

A survey covering cultural habits, media consumption and leisure activities in Denmark. The latest survey was conducted in 2018-2020 (previously 2012 and 2004). Data are available in Statbank Denmark (Statistics Denmark) in Danish and English. Find more information about the surveys on the Ministry of Culture's website (in Danish).


Swedish Games Industry

Branch organisation for multimedia, computer and video-games. Publishes statistics on software sales. Information in English.

Den Norske Fagpresses Forening

Norwegian Specialised Press Association

Branch organisation which offers information about the specialist press in Norway. Data are published online in Fagpressekatalogen.

Den Norske Forleggerforening

Norwegian Publishers' Association

The trade association of Norwegian publishers provides branch statistics (book sales, turnover) online. (The website is in Norwegian only)

DFI – Det Danske Filminstitut

Danish Film Institute

The annual brochure Facts & Figures presents an overview of production, distribution and exhibition of all feature-length films in Denmark. The brochure also includes some data on DVD sales and rentals. Available on the website.

Digita Oy

Radio and tv-distributor, responsible for terrestrial distribution through a nationwide network. Informative website with e.g info on transmission techniques (analogue and digital) and coverage charts.

Digital Agenda for Europe (European Commission)

European Commission's site with facts on digital agenda for Europe, including sectors Content & Media and Telecoms & Internet. Media policies, data and other information.

Digital News Report

Reuters Institute for the Study of Journalism

Annual reports about digital news consumption, published by The Reuters Institute for the Study of Journalism. The aim is to track and compare changes in online news consumption across countries. The latest edition 2018 included 37 countries in Europe, Asia-Pacific and the Americas. Denmark, Finland, Norway and Sweden are included.

DR Medieudviklingen (rapport)

DR Media Development (report)

Annual report about the latest media use trends in Denmark, published by the media research department within DR, the Danish public service broadcaster. The report covers radio, tv, internet and different new services/technology. The Danish version is published in the beginning of each year. The reports are also published in English here.

DRM (Digital Radio Mondiale) Consortium

An international consortium with the objective to create a universal, digital AM radio system (also called DRM, Digital Radio Mondiale) for short-wave, medium-wave/AM and long-wave. Members are broadcasters, manufacturers, network operators, research institutions, broadcasting unions and regulatory bodies.

EAO, European Audiovisual Observatory

A European public service body comprising 40 member States and the European Community, represented by the European Commission. Operates within the legal framework of the Council of Europe. Provides information about the European audiovisual industry: statistics, media law & policy, yearbooks and databases. Free online databases:  MAVISE, with data on television channels and television companies in the European Union, LUMIERE, with data on admissions of films released in Europe, and AVMSD database with information on how the Audiovisual Media Services Directive is being applied in each country.

EBU, European Broadcasting Union

The EBU’s Media Intelligence Service publishes reports on e.g. digital radio roll-out in Europe and overviews of funding of public media, which are open to the public and available for download (registration required).

EFARN Film Research Library

Studies and data from the European film agencies

The EFARN Film Research Library collects film industry research published across Europe, making it accessible on a single platform. The reports can be searched by topic, country or organisation, etc. The EFARN (European Film Agencies Research Network) is a non-formal group bringing together researchers from film agencies and other cognate organisations; and the platform is developed by the European Audiovisual Observatory, in its capacity of EFARN’s secretariat.

EJC, European Journalism Center: Media Landscapes

EJC is an international non-profit institute, which works to promote quality journalism through professional training, etc. On a special website, EJC offers descriptions of the media landscapes in more than 50 countries across the world: media, organisations, policies, education and conclusions.


Consumer Electronics Trade Foundation

Foundation organising specialized traders/dealers, chain stores, suppliers (importers/agents) and service shops in home electronics. Compiles branch statistics which cover the entire market, see e.g. the annual "Forbruksundersøkelsen"


Danish Energy Agency

Information about the ICT-sector in Denmark. Publishes reports with data on telephony, broadband, etc. For data in English, see this page on Telecom in numbers.

ENPA, European Newspaper Publishers' Association

A non-profit association representing national, regional and local newspapers in Europe.

EPRA, European Platform of Regulatory Authorities

A forum for regulatory authorities in the broadcasting field in Europe. 52 regulatory authorities are members, and The European Commission and the Council of Europe are standing observers. The site lists current media legislation in the European countries and offers information on regulatory authorities, news, reports, etc.

EU Audiovisual Policy

Information on EU audiovisual & media policy.

EU Kids Online

EU Kids Online is a multinational research network. It seeks to enhance knowledge of European children's online opportunities, risks and safety. It uses multiple methods to map children's and parents' experience of the internet, in dialogue with national and European policy stakeholders.