Extern statistik

Finn fakta om medier i Nordicoms databas. Här länkar vi till medierelaterade branschorganisationer, myndigheter, databaser, med mera. Fokus ligger på de nordiska länderna samt europeiska och internationella organisationer.


ENPA, European Newspaper Publishers' Association

A non-profit association representing national, regional and local newspapers in Europe.

EPRA, European Platform of Regulatory Authorities

A cooperation forum for regulatory authorities in the broadcasting field in Europe, including 55 regulatory authorities from 47 countries as members. The European Commission, the Council of Europe, the European Audiovisual Observatory and the Office of the OSCE Representative on Freedom of the Media are permanent observers. The site lists current media legislation in the European countries and offers information on regulatory authorities, news, reports, etc.

EU Kids Online

EU Kids Online is a multinational research network. It seeks to enhance knowledge of European children's online opportunities, risks and safety. It uses multiple methods to map children's and parents' experience of the internet, in dialogue with national and European policy stakeholders.

Eurobarometer surveys

The Public Opinion Analysis sector of the European Commission conducts and publishes Eurobarometer surveys. Data on media use and trust are normally included in the Standard Eurobarometer’s autumn surveys; see Annex.


The international data bank for TV programs, logs and ratings, based on a partnership with national institutes operating people meter systems throughout the world.

European Culture Portal (European Commission)

Provides an entry point for the European Commission policies and activities related to Europe and culture. Covers topics such as audiovisual sector policies and culture and creative industries.


Statistical office of the European Union. Information society statistics, including data on Europeans' internet access and use. The data are available in the theme section Science, Technology and Digital Society --> Digital Economy and Society.

FiCom, Finnish Federation for Communications and Teleinformatics

Co-operation organisation for the ICT (information and communications technology) industry in Finland. Presents some key facts and links to information on pay TV, TV subscriptions in cable networks, etc.

Finnpanel Oy

Research company owned by TNS Gallup Oy and A.C. Nielsen Finland Oy. Statistics on television viewing and radio listening, based on metered audience measurements (TV) and surveys (radio).

FIPP – International Federation of the Periodical Press

Interest organisation whose membership covers national magazine associations, publishing companies with international interests, etc., across the world. Provides data on consumer and business-to-business magazines. The annual publication World Magazine Trends presents international magazine statistics.

Electronic Communications Office of Iceland, ECOI

Publishes a statistical report on the Icelandic electronic communications market twice a year, and an online statistical site "Gagnatorg".

Explore the figures and graphs on the dashboard "Gagnatorg" [Data center], covering mobile networks, broadband, IPTV and fixed networks - in English and Icelandic.

The Media Commission

Media authority under the Minister of Education, Science and Culture. The commission provides information about media ownership, list of media service providers and their rules on editorial independence. (Iceland's media act of 2011 introduced an obligation for all media in Iceland to register with the new media authority, established in 2011, and provide information on their ownership composition.) The authority also monitors the compliance of radio and TV services and program content with the provisions of the new media act of 2011. The commission works to support and promote media literacy, media diversity, pluralism, accessibility, freedom of expression and the right to information.

Gallup Ísland

Conducts media surveys on newspaper reading, electronic measurements for tv and radio (ppm) and web (ComScore).

Grønlands Statistik
Statistics Greenland

National statistical office. The booklet "Greenland in figures" provides basic data on tv and radio broadcasts and expenditure on culture including radio and tv, available online in English. The StatBank is available in Greenlandic, Danish and English.

GTF – Gratistidningarnas Förening

Branch organisation for publishers of free sheets. Information on members' titles online. (The website is in Swedish only)

Hagstofa Íslands
Statistics Iceland

National statistical office. Online database om Media and Culture.

Hagstofa Íslands
Statistics Iceland

Statistics Iceland publishes every year a survey Use of computers and the Internet by households and individuals. For more tables on ICT see the online database .

Hagstova Føroya
Statistics Faroe Islands

National statistical institute. The online database provides culture and media statistics, in Faroese and in English.

Institut für Medien- und Kommunikationspolitik (IfM) - Mediendatabank
Institute of Media and Communications Policy - Mediadatabase

A German research institute offering data on large international and German media companies: economic data, ranking, description, history, etc.

Institutet för Mediestudier
The Institute for Media Studies

A civil society association devoted to promote a discussion on how the media copes with its task of investigating those in power and describing the reality surrounding us. It funds original research and spreads knowledge of existing results and acts as a forum for discussions on the role of media in society. The reports are available free of charge as pdf. The Institute also organizes an online database listing local media in each municipality and county in Sweden kommundatabas.mediestudier.se (the website is in Swedish mainly)

Interactive Denmark

Annual statistics about the Danish interactive industry (game development and other interactive companies). Interactive Denmark is a non-profit organization, aiming to accelerate, coordinate and support the development of the Danish game and interactive cluster.  

International Federation of Audit Bureaux of Circulations

Cooperative federation of industry-sponsored organisations established in nations throughout the world to verify and report facts about the circulations of publications and related data. Links to member organizations, i. e. national audit bureaux.

International Publishers Association

A non-governmental organisation representing the publishing industry world-wide through national, regional and specialised publishers associations in approximately 50 countries. Offers statistics on book production, VAT, etc.

Internet Worlds Stats

An international website that features up to date world Internet usage, population statistics and Internet market research data, for over 233 individual countries and world regions.

Internetstiftelsen: Svenskarna och internet
The Swedish Internet Foundation: The Swedes and the Internet

The Swedish Internet Foundation [Internetstiftelsen]  publishes the annual survey about Swedes and the Internet (Svenskarna och internet), including a summary in English.

The Swedish Internet Foundation is an independent organization for the benefit of the public that promotes the positive development of the internet in Sweden, and is responsible for the internet's Swedish top-level domain. The foundation publishes insights, tutorials and reports on several aspects related to the internet.