Nordicom Review 42 (Special Issue 3) 2021. Class in/and the Media

Redaktör(er): Peter Jakobsson, Johan Lindell, Fredrik Stiernstedt


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Introduction: Class in/and the media: On the importance of class in media and communication studies
Peter Jakobsson, Johan Lindell, Fredrik Stiernstedt

Class Struggle in the Era of Post-politics: Representing the Swedish port conflict in the news media
Ernesto Abalo, Diana Jacobsson

Dismissing Class: Media representations of workers’ conditions in the Global South
Vladimir Cotal San Martin

Interpolations of Class, “Race”, and Politics: Denmark’s Jyllands-Posten and its coverage of Greek national elections during the “Greek crisis”
Yiannis MylonasI, Matina Noutsou

Investigations of a Journalistic Blind Spot: Class, constructors, and carers in Norwegian media
Tine Ustad Figenschou, Elisabeth Eide, Ruth Einervoll Nilsen

All In a Day’s Work: Working-class heroes as videogame protagonists
Michael Iantorno, Courtney Blamey, Lyne Dwyer, Mia Consalvo

The Space of Media Usage in Finland, 2007 and 2018: The impact of online activities on its structure and its association with sociopolitical divisions
Semi Purhonen, Adrian Leguina, Riie Heikkilä

Class and Everyday Media Use: A case study from Norway
Jan Fredrik Hovden, Lennart Rosenlund

Class Conditioning and Class Positioning in Young People’s Everyday Life with Digital Media: Exploring new forms of class-making in the Swedish media welfare state
Martin Danielsson