Promote or Protect? Perspectives on Media Literacy and Media Regulations

Yearbook 2003

The aim of Yearbook 2003, Promote or Protect? Perspectives on Media Literacy and Media Regulations, is to contribute to reflections on the whole range of 'measures' to promote children's, young people's and adults' media competence and to protect them from potential harmful media contents. What do scholars say about the responsibility of parents in this regard, about the state of media education in and outside school, about media professionals' awareness of children and media, and about the effectiveness of media regulations? The collection of articles also gives rise to the question if 'promote or protect' is a pertinent dichotomy in this context. Apparently, existing initiatives are not mutually exclusive in the sense that only one 'measure' is sufficient to support children and young people in their interactions with the media. Moreover, the meanings of 'promote' and 'protect' tend to converge.



Promote or Protect? Perspectives on Media Literacy and Media Regulations: Introduction

Cecilia von Feilitzen

Regulation of TV Contents in Argentina

Media Regulation, Self-Regulation and Education. Debunking Some Myths and Retooling Some Working Paradigms

Divina Frau-Meigs

Where Are We Going and How Can We Get There? General Findings from the UNESCO Youth Media Education Survey 2001

David Buckingham
Kate Domaille

Managing without a Mandate. The Grassroots Momentum of Media Education in the USA

Joanne M. Lisosky

Media Literacy and Image Education. A European Approach

Matteo Zacchetti

Media Literacy Initiatives in Citizens’ Rights to Communication – the Case of Japan

Midori F. Suzuki
Kyoko Takahashi

Entertainment-Education in HIV/AIDS Communication. Beyond Marketing, Towards Empowerment

Thomas Tufte

A Pedagogical Deconstruction of TV Audiences in 21st Century Mediated Environments. A Latin-American Perspective

Guillermo Orozco Gómez
Daniel Medina Jackson

Children’s On-line Life – and What Parents Believe. A Survey in Five Countries

Karin Larsson

Understanding Our Youths and Protecting Them. Singapore’s Efforts in Promoting Internet Safety

Angeline Khoo
Tyng-Tyng Cheong
Albert Liau

Parents, Children and Media. Some Data from Spain, Brazil, Norway, South Africa and India

Ferran Casas
Mònica González
Cristina Figuer

Attitudes toward Media Violence and Protective Measures in Sweden

Ulla Carlsson

Self-Regulation, Co-Regulation & Public Regulation

Carmen Palzer
Alexander Scheuer

Television and Protection of Minors in Some European Countries. A Comparative Study

Piermarco Aroldi

The Myth that the Rating Systems and V-chip Will Help Solve the Problem

W. James Potter

Regulation of TV Contents in Argentina

Santiago Barilá

The State of Broadcast Regulations on Children in Ghana

Audrey Gadzekpo

A Practical Response to Classification of Convergent Media in the Australian Context. The Combined Guidelines for Films and Computer Games

Des Clark

A Brief Look at the Regulation of the Broadcast Media in Australia

Suzanne Shipard

Internet Content Regulation in Australia. A Co-regulatory Approach

Mike Barnard

Raising Media Professionals’ Awareness of Children’s Rights

Aidan White


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