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Nordicom Review is an international peer-reviewed journal that publishes media and communication research relevant to the Nordic region. We welcome you to publish with us.

Nordicom Review is operated by a complete in-house editorial team, devoted to providing personalised and professional service and minimising the length of the publication process.  

All articles in Nordicom Review are digital only and published Open Access on a non-profit basis. We publish articles in association with the Sciendo publishing platform, where you can easily find metrics of views and downloads. You can also access articles and issues from our website. Why should you publish with us?


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We strive to make research accessible to the public and to make media research visible in news media. Nordicom’s communication officers will help you with a marketing plan for your article to disseminate your work successfully.

In 2019, almost a third of the Nordicom Review articles appeared in the news. One of the most visible articles from 2019 was ”Framing Gender Justice: A comparative analysis of the media coverage of ‘metoo’ in Denmark and Sweden” by Tina Askanius and Jannie Møller Hartley. It appeared in 75 news articles and clips in Nordic media and reached 9,227 people on Facebook and Twitter. 


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Nordicom Review is included in over 30 international and regional indexing and abstracting services. According to Scopus, the largest one, Nordicom Review enjoys a long-term positive development in terms of various indexing scores.  


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Our publications benefit from the advice and support of a prominent international editorial board including many of the leading scholars of our field. Also, after forty years of publication, Nordicom Review's extensive network of expert reviewers provides highly qualified assessments of all submissions. 


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