Nordicom Review: NordMedia 2009

29 jun 2010
150,00 kr

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Miyase Christensen
André Jansson

Body, Soul and Society. Rethinking Media and Communication Ontologies

Plenary Session I. Where is Liberation in Contemporary Media Culture?

Mikko Lehtonen

Mission Impossible? Neoliberal Subjects and Empowerment

Rikke Schubart

Utopia and Torture in the Hollywood War Film

Sverker Sörlin

Body and Soul. Notes on Challenges to Freedom

Plenary Session IIA. What is a Healthy Soul in A Healthy Body? Ethics, Aesthetics and Sustainability in Media Society

Anne Jerslev

The Body as Design Project in an‘Order of Pure Decision’. Transformable Bodies in Makeover Shows and Steven Meisel’s Fashion Photography

Thomas Johansson

The Face of Health . Makeover Culture and New Body Ideals

Lisa Ann Richey
Stefano Ponte

Better (Red)™ Than Dead? Celebrities, Consumption and International Aid

Plenary Session IIB. “DigIT or Not”: Are We Addicted to the Media?

Kaarina Nikunen

Online among Us. Experiences of Virtuality in Everyday Life

Lars Nyre

Experimenting with New Media for Journalism

Tobias Olsson

From the Ecology of Broadcasting to the Ecology of Participation. Critical Reflections

Plenary Session III. New Dynamics in Online Social Net­work­­ing: Revisiting Communication, Consump­tion and Division of Labour

Charles Ess

The Embodied Self in a Digital Age. Possibilities, Risks, and Prospects for a Pluralistic (democratic/liberal) Future?

Katharine Sarikakis

The Precarious Citizen. Control and Value in the Digital Age

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