Nordicom Review 35 (2) 2014

25 nov 2014
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Pekka Isotalus
Merja Almonkari

Political Scandal Tests Trust in Politicians. The Case of the Finnish Minister Who Resigned Because of His Text Messages

Tanja Storsul

Deliberation or Self-presentation? Young People, Politics and Social Media

Anu Kantola

Mediatization of Power. Corporate CEOs in Flexible Capitalism

Henrik G. Bastiansen

Rethinking Mass Communications in Norway. The Neglected Power of the Centre-Left Alliance in the Early 20th Century and its Importance until the Present

Håkon Larsen

The Legitimacy of Public Service Broadcasting in the 21st Century. The Case of Scandinavia

Sofia Larsson

Battling Mainstream Media, Commentators and Organized Debaters. Experiences from Citizens’ Online Opinion Writing in Sweden

Jenni Mäenpää

Rethinking Photojournalism. The Changing Work Practices and Professionalism of Photojournalists in the Digital Age

Niina Niskala
Pertti Hurme

The Other Stance. Conflicting Professional Self-Images and Perceptions of the Other Profession among Finnish PR Professionals and Journalists

Jesper Falkheimer
Mats Heide

From Public Relations to Strategic Communication in Sweden. The Emergence of a Transboundary Field of Knowledge

New Literature