Nordicom Review 35 (1) 2014

12 jun 2014
150,00 kr

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Liv Hausken

Forensic Fiction and the Normalization of Surveillance

Anders Bo Rasmussen

The Americanization of Danish Journalism

Ester Pollack
Sigurd Allern

Criticism of the Police in the News. Discourses and Frames in the News Media’s Coverage of the Norwegian Bureau for the Investigation of Police Affairs

Dag Slettemeås

Consuming Familiarity and Alterity in Domestic Space. Transnational Television Practices among Migrants in Norway

Rolf Halse

Textual Poaching, Gamekeeping and the Counter-stereotype. US and Norwegian Online Fans’ Perceptions of Positive Portrayals of Muslims in 24

Shayna Plaut

Nation-building, not “Resistance Radio”. Self Determination, the State, & Saami Media

Martin Engebretsen

The Soundslide Report. Innovative Journalism or Misplaced Works of Art?

Tom Björkroth
Mikko Grönlund

The Growth of Leading Regional Newspapers

David Fernández-Quijada

A Golden Decade. Exploring Internationalization in Nordic Communication Research

New Literature