Nordicom Review 2/2011

7 dec 2011
150,00 kr

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Birgitta Höijer

Social Representations Theory. A New Theory for Media Research

Harry Arne Solberg
Knut Helland

Sports Broadcasting. An Accelerator of Business Integration in the Media Industry

Håkon Larsen

Public Service Broadcasting as an Object for Cultural Policy in Norway and Sweden. A Policy Tool and an End in Itself

Steen Steensen

The Featurization of Journalism

Maria Lassila-Merisalo

Challenges in Covering Innovation Topics. Experiences of Journalists in the US, Japan and Finland

Holger Pötzsch

Borders, Barriers and Grievable Lives. The Discursive Production of Self and Other in Film and Other Audio-Visual Media

Wenche Vagle

Time and Space in Early Norwegian Radio. Technology, Textuality, and Discursive Roles and Relations

Trine Kvidal

Tensions of Consumer Individualism. Norwegian Identity in the Context of Globalization

New Literature