Nordicom Review 2/2007

11 dec 2007
150,00 kr

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Welcome to the 26th World Congress of the International Association for Media and Communication Research (IAMCR)

Marte Winsvold

Municipal Websites in the Local Public Debate. Supplying Facts or Setting Agenda?

Sara Leckner
Ester Appelgren

E-paper News Publishing. Strategies for Product and Production

Ivar John Erdal

Researching Media Convergence and Crossmedia News Production. Mapping the Field

Flemming Hansen
Steen Lundsteen
Sverre Riis Christensen

Emotional Responses to Top Politicians in a General Election

Juho Rahkonen

Public Opinion, Journalism and the Question of Finland’s Membership of NATO

Jørgen Lauridsen
Ebbe Grunwald

Distribution and Use of Image-evoking. Language Constructions in Written News

Kaarina Nikunen

The Intermedial Practises of Fandom

In Memoriam: Professor Jan Ekecrantz (1940–2007)

In Memoriam: Professor Emeritus James D. Halloran (1927-2007)

Kirsten Frandsen

Research Project: Tv-entertainment. Crossmediality and Knowledge – A Research Project

New Literature