Nordicom Review 2/2006

30 nov 2006
150,00 kr

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Special Issue

Klaus Bruhn Jensen

Sounding the Media. An Interdisciplinary Review and Research Agenda for Digital Sound Studies

Leif Dahlberg

On the Open and Closed Space of Public Discourse

Kari Karppinen

Media Diversity and the Politics of Criteria. Diversity Assessment and Technocratisation of European Media Policy

Niels Nørgaard Kristensen
Johannes Andersen

Between Individualism and Community. On Media Consumption, Political Interest and the Public

Camilla Nordberg

Beyond Representation. Newspapers and Citizenship Participation in the Case of a Minority Ethnic Group

Thorbjörn Broddason

Youth and New Media in the New Millennium

Stina Bengtsson

Symbolic Spaces of Everyday Life. Work and Leisure at Home

Anne Jerslev

The Mediated Body. Cosmetic Surgery in Television Drama, Reality Television and Fashion Photography

Elisabeth Eide

The Empire and the Egyptians. A Multi-disciplinary Approach to Global Journalism Studies

Harald Hornmoen

Constructing Karl Popper. How does Science Journalism Employ Literary Devices?

Thore Roksvold

Analysing Inference. And Ethos-Implicature in Particular

Wenche Vagle

Interpreting and Explaining Historical Texts – Is it Possible?

Unni From

Everyday Talk and the Conversational Patterns of the Soap Opera

Søren Frimann
Jørgen Stiegel

City Branding – All Smoke, no Fire?

Kjetil Sandvik

Evaluation of Quality in Computer Games

Arne H. Krumsvik

What Is the Strategic Role of Online Newspapers?

The Authors


Gunhild Agger

Challenges of the New Symbolic Order. The 17th Nordic Conference on Media and Communication Research

Plenary I.

Saskia Sassen

Socio-Digital Formations. Constructing an Object of Study

Plenary II.

Arnt Maasø

Designing Sound and Silence

Ilpo Koskinen

Two Solitudes. Design as an Approach to Media Research

Plenary III.

Henrik Søndergaard

Public Service Faces a Change of Climate

Anna Edin

Times Have Changed. On the Relationship Between Swedish Public Service Television and the Viewing Public

Plenary IV.

Barbara Sichtermann

TV Entertainment. What It Is that Unites and Standardises Society? Media – Communication – Culture

Guido Zurstiege

The Reality of Media Research

The Authors

Working Group Papers in English

New Literature