Nordicom Review 2/2005

1 dec 2005
150,00 kr

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Charlotte Wien

Defining Objectivity within Journalism. An Overview

Sari Pietikäinen

Representations of Ethnicity in Journalism. Multiculturalist Transitions on the Pages of a Finnish Daily

Raivo Palmaru

The Accumulation Effect. The Print Media’s Impact on Estonian Elections Between 1999-2003

Sanna Suolanen
Niina Rintala

The Implications of Digitalization for Job Descriptions, Competencies and the Quality of Working Life

Svetlana Pasti

The St. Petersburg Media in Transformation

Lisbeth Thorlacius

The Good Portrait of the Academic Author

Simon Egenfeldt-Nielsen

Can Education and Psychology Join Forces. The Clash of Benign and Malign Learning from Computer Games

Kristina Widestedt
Madeleine Kleberg
Anja Hirdman

Presentation of the research program: The Intimization of Journalism. Transformations of Medialized Public Spheres from the 1880s to Current Times

Leonor Camauër

New Study on Minority Media and Minority Media Policy in Sweden

New Literature