Nordicom Review 2/2001

12 dec 2001
150,00 kr

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Munkhmandakh Myagmar
Poul Erik Nielsen

The Mongolian Media Landscape in Transition. A Cultural Clash between Global, National, Local and “no Nomads” Media

Iiris Ruoho

Reality and Finnish TV Criticism

Kristina Boréus

Discursive Discrimination and Its Expressions

Esa Väliverronen

Popularisers, Interpreters, Advocates, Managers and Critics. Framing Science and Scientists in the Media

Lisa Gjedde
Bruno Ingemann

In the Beginning Was the Experience. The Experimental Reception Studies

Jaana Hujanen

From Consuming Printed News to Making Online Journalism? Young Finns’ Newspaper Reading at the Millennium

Gunilla Jarlbro

Children and Advertising on Television. A Survey of the Research, 1994-2000

Peeter Vihalemm

Development of Media Research in Estonia

New Literature - Denmark, Finland, Norway, Sweden