Nordicom Review 1/2012

20 aug 2012
150,00 kr

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Kaoruko Kondo
Ulrika Sjöberg

Children’s Perspectives through the Camera Lens. Reflections on Meaningmaking Processes and Participatory Research

Anders Todal Jensen

Widening or Closing the Knowledge Gap? The Role of TV and Newspapers in Changing the Distribution of Political Knowledge

Rolf Halse

Negotiating Boundaries between Us and Them. Ethnic Norwegians and Norwegian Muslims Speak out about the ‘Next Door Neighbour Terrorist’ in 24

Helle Sjøvaag

Revenue and Branding Strategy in the Norwegian News Market. The Case of TV 2 News Channel

Maria Theresa Konow Lund
Roel Puijk

Rolling News as Disruptive Change. A Managerial Perspective on TV 2 and VG in Norway

Martina Ladendorf

Freelance Journalists’ Ethical Boundary Settings in Information Work

Audun Fladmoe

Education in the News and in the Mind. PISA, News Media and Public Opinion in Norway, Sweden and Finland

Hallvard Moe
Anders Olof Larsson

Methodological and Ethical Challenges Associated with Large-scale Analyses of Online Political Communication