Nordicom Review 1/2010

15 jun 2010
150,00 kr

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Anja Hirdman

Vision and Intimacy. Gendered Communication Online

Anne Marit Waade

Imagine Paradise in Ads. Imagination and Visual Matrices in Tourism and Consumer Culture

Toril Aalberg
Zan Strabac

Media Use and Misperceptions. Does TV Viewing Improve our Knowledge about Immigration?

Kirsten Frandsen

Watching Handball Transmissions. Experiences of Autonomy, Competency and Relatedness

Lotta Lounasmeri

Visions of Finland in the Age of Globalization. Competition State or a Fair and Responsible Nation?

Eva-Karin Olsson

Defining Crisis News Events

Leif Dahlberg

Put a Tiger in Your Text. Metalepsis and Media Discourse

Tore Nilssen

The Television Industry as a Market of Attention

Pekka Aula
Kalle Siira

Organizational Communication and Conflict Management Systems. A Social Complexity Approach

New Literature