Nordicom Review 1/2005

25 maj 2005
150,00 kr

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Klaus Bruhn Jensen

Interactivity in the Wild. An Empirical Study of ‘Interactivity’ as Understood in Organizational Practices

Seija Ridell

Mediating the Web as a Public Space. A Local Experiment in the Creation of Online Civic Genres

Janne Seppänen

Community Photographs

Ebbe Grunwald

Narrative Norms in Written News

Bengt Johansson

The Third-Person Effect. Only a Media Perception?

Rune Ottosen

The Norwegian Media Image of the War in Afghanistan. Peacekeeping or Aggression?

Astrid Gynnild

Winner Takes It All. Freelance Journalism on the Global Communication Market

Christian Büttner

The Protection of Minors Against Harmful Media Content in Europe. How European Film Classifiers View Childhood and Adolescence

Tobias Olsson

Young Citizens, ICTs and Learning. A Design for a Study of the Media and Political Activity

Sanna Kivimäki
Anneli Lehtisalo
Pertti Hurme

From Division to Cooperation. The Finnish University Network for Communication Sciences

Johan Fornäs

The Advanced Cultural Studies Institute of Sweden/ACSIS. A National Centre for Transnational and Interdisciplinary Cultural Research

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