Nordicom Review 1/2003

10 apr 2003
150,00 kr

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André Jansson

Lifeworlds under Siege? A Study of Mediatization as Intrusion and Restraint

Anker Brink Lund

Ambivalent Views on Political News

Flemming Hansen
Christian Kock

Evaluation of Public Spokespersons

Iina Hellsten

Promises of a Healthier Future. Medical Genetics on Finnish Television News 1987-2000

Karina Horsti

Global Mobility and the Media. Presenting Asylum Seekers as a Threat

Pekka Isotalus
Anni Palosaari
Hanni Muukkonen

Links with the Past. Reading News from PDA and Comparing It to Other Media

Kirsten Sparre

Shared Emotions and a Forum for Gossiping. Nuances in Danish Celebrity Journalism

Birgitte Tufte

Girls in the New Media Landscape

Jukka Pietiläinen

Media Audiences in a Russian Province

Dag Asbjørnsen
Ove Solum

”The Best Cinema System in the World”. The Municipal Cinema System in Norway: Historical and Comparative Perspectives

John Sundholm

Narrative Machines, or, from ‘Bottom to Top’. Early Discourses on the Novel and Film

Bente Halkier

The Challenge of Qualitative Generalisations in Communication Research

New Literature - Denmark, Finland, Norway, Sweden