Nordicom Review 1/2001

1 apr 2001
150,00 kr

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John Corner

Towards the Really Useful Media Researcher?

Veikko Pietilä

Reflections on Public Discussion in the Mass Media

Kim Christian Schrøder

Beyond the Pioneer Days! – Where is Reception Research Going? Cross-Fertilization of Paradigms: A Synthesizing Approach to Qualitative Audience Research

Anker Brink Lund

The Genealogy of News. Researching Journalistic Food-Chains

Gunhild Agger

Fictions of Europe. On ”Eurofiction” – A Multinational Research Project

Ib Bondebjerg

European Media, Cultural Integration and Globalisation. Reflections on the ESF-programme Changing Media – Changing Europe

Robert G. Picard

Relations among Media Economics, Content, and Diversity

Mikko Lehtonen

On No Man’s Land. Theses on Intermediality

Janne Seppänen

Young People, Researchers and Benetton. Contest Interpretations of a Benetton Advertisment Picture

John Sundholm
Pekka Vartiainen

Nationalising the International Crime Genre

Klaus Bruhn Jensen

Karl Erik Rosengren: Communication: An Introduction

New Literature - Denmark, Finland, Norway, Sweden, New books from Nordicom