Nordicom Review 1/2000

1 apr 2000
150,00 kr

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Tore Slaatta

Media and Politics. Research Strategies in a Crossdisciplinary Field

Gregory Ferrell Lowe

A Discourse of Legitimacy. Critiquing the Culture Agenda in Finnish Public Broadcasting

Espen Ytreberg

Scheduling in Nordic Public Service Television. General Description of an Ongoing Research Project

Åsa Nilsson
Jon B. Reitan
Arnfinn Tønnessen
Ragnar Waldahl

Reporting Radiation and Other Risk Issues in Norwegian and Swedish Newspapers

Lisa Gjedde

Narrative, Genre and Context in Popular Science

Olga Linné
Marsha Jones

The Coverage of Lone-Parents in British Newspapers. A Construction Based on Moral Panic?

Trine Syvertsen
Gro Maren Mogstad Karlsen

The Norwegian Television Market in the 1990s. Legal Framework, Market Situation, Financial Information and Programming of Public and Private Television

Ragnar Karlsson
Hilmar Thor Bjarnason
Thorbjörn Broddason
Margret Lilja Gudmundsdottir

Performance of Public and Private Television in Iceland 1993–1999. An Assessment

New Literature - Denmark, Finland, Norway, Sweden