Nordicom Review 1/1996

10 feb 1996


Kathrine Skretting

Historical Research on the Media. The Audience in the Text of Advertising Films

Ib Bondebjerg

Visual Media in Culture. A Histrical Look at the Present

Tarmo Malmberg

Critical Theory and Audiovisual Media

Gert Z Nordström

The Dramaturgics of the Newspaper Page

Birgitta Höijer

The Dilemmas of Documentary Violence in Television

Terje Rasmussen

Tele-Graphy in the Post-Broadcasting Era

Eli Skogerbo

External Constraints and National Resources. Reflections on the Europeanisation of Communications Policy

Per Jauert
Ole Prehn

Ownership and Concentration in Local Radio Broadcasting in Scandinavia

Henrik Søndergaard

Public Service After the Crisis

Raimo Salokangas

The People, its Will and its Best. The Music Policy of the Finnish Broadcasting Company in the 1950's

Mats Ekström

The Validity of TV Journalism. Theoretical Starting Points for Critical Journalism Research

Margareta Melin-Higgins

Female Educators and Male Craftsmen? The Professional Ideals among Swedish Journalists

Svein Brurås

The Journalist and the Other. A Normative Perspective on Respect for Privacy in the Ethics of Journalism

Karl Erik Gustafsson

The Umbrella Model - Upside-Down

Anne Jerslev

American Fan Magazines in the 30s and the Glamorous Construction of Femininity

Mirja Liikkanen

Culture Consumption in Finland. Distinctive Characteristics

Erling Sivertsen

The Reflexive Press Photograph

Paul Mayer

Representation and Action in the Reception of Myst. A Social Semiotic Approach to Computer Media

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