Nordicom Review 1-2/2002

9 sep 2002
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Opening Address by the President of Iceland Ólafur Ragnar Grímsson

Kirsten Drotner

New Media, New Options, New Communities? Towards A Convergent Media and ICT Research

Ellen Wartella

New Generations – New Media

Ulla Johnsson-Smaragdi

A Swedish Perspective on Media Access and Use

Gitte Stald

‘More Research Needs To Be Done’. Problems and Perspectives in Research on Children’s Use of Interactive Media

Anita Werner

New Generations – New Media. Some Thoughts and Reflections

Ib Bondebjerg

Scandinavian Media Histories – A Comparative Study. Institutions, Genres and Culture in a National and Global Perspective

Hans Fredrik Dahl

The Challenges of Media History

Monika Djerf-Pierre

The Logic and Practice of Writing Journalism History. Some Thoughts on the Future of Research on Media History

Klaus Bruhn Jensen

From Media History to Communication History. Three Comparative Perspectives on the Study of Culture

Raimo Salokangas

Media History Becomes Communication History – or Cultural History?

Per Hetland

Unmasking the Net. When Technology Communication Turns to the Public

Martin Eide

The Power of Editing. The Editorial Role in a Historical Perspective

Sigurd Allern

Journalistic and Commercial News Values. News Organizations as Patrons of an Institution and Market Actors

Ullamaija Kivikuru

The ERNO Television Exchange. A Window on the Train of Trust in the Balkans

Göran Bolin

In the Market for Symbolic Commodities. Swedish Lottery Game Show ‘Bingolotto’ and the Marketing of Social and Cultural Values

Michael Skovmand

The Culture of Post-Narcissism. Post-teenage, Pre-midlife Singles Culture in Seinfeld, Friends, and Ally – Seinfeld in Particular

Sigrid Lien

The Aesthetics of Sports Photography

Göran Leth

Reporting the Night of Broken Glass. The Swedish Press and the Final Rehearsal Before the Holocaust

Mika Renvall
Pertti Vehkalahti

The Unemployed as “Others” in Welfare Journalism

Jill Johannessen

Alternative Representations of Women in the News. NGOs as a Source for Gender Transformation

Guðbjörg Hildur Kolbeins

Delinquency and Icelandic Adolescents’ Viewing of Television Violence

Helene Hafstrand

Competitive Advantage in the Magazine Publishing Business. A Resource-Based Perspective

Ragnar Karlsson

Long-Time-A-Dying. Transformation of the Cinema Exhibition Market in Iceland 1980–2000

Bruno Ingemann
Lisa Gjedde

WebArt. Methods for Investigating Design and User Experience Through a Reflexivity Lab

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