Media Mergers and the Defence of Pluralism

Media mergers and acquisitions (M&A) have been, and continue to be, a salient feature of Nordic media markets. What once was a very fragmented and diverse industry is today consolidated to such a degree that many fear for the effects on pluralism. Internet is today the turbo charger of this process.

Media operate on a commercial market and have to survive on its terms. On the other hand, as purveyors of information and ideas, they are different from manufac¬tured goods and services. The book springs out of this duality.

The book presents research of Nordic scholars who gathered at Kalmar University in March, 2008 to discuss consolidation, mergers and acquisitions in the music, newspaper and television industries. Cases from Finland, Norway, Germany and Sweden cast light on the pros and cons of mergers and as well as regulatory per¬spectives to defend pluralism.



Introduction: The Challenge of New Technologies and New Business Practices

Olof Hultén
Sune Tjernström
Stefan Melesko

Motives and Boundary Conditions of Mergers and Acquisitions in Media. A Nordic Perspective

Lotta Häkkinen
Niina Nummela
Saara L Taalas

Motives for Mergers and Acquisitions in the Swedish Regional Press. Case: The Sale of the Center Party Press

Stefan Melesko

Bloc-building in the Swedish Newspaper Industry Since its Beginnings

Karl Erik Gustafsson

Acquisition Strategies in the Multinational Recording Industry

Patrik Wikström

Regulatory Intervention to Prevent Ownership Concentration in the Norwegian Newspaper Market. Case: Media Norge Inc.

Rolf Høyer

Newspaper Acquisitions and Swedish Media Policy. The Past, The Present and The Future

Mart Ots

Instruments for Press Policy in The Netherlands

Lou Lichtenberg

The Proposed Acquisition of ProSiebenSat.1 by Springer AG in 2005

Olof Hultén
Sune Tjernström

A Pragmatic Approach to Government Intervention. The Case of Swedish TV4

Sune Tjernström

The Balance of Power in Nordic Media. A Model in Decay?

Jens Cavallin

A Second Opinion on Concentration

Karl Erik Gustafsson

The Contributors

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