Children in the New Media Landscape. Games Pornography Perceptions

Yearbook 2000

We are pleased to present a third Yearbook. The 2000 Yearbook treats two themes, both of which relate to newer features of the media landscape: violence in video and computer games, and pornography on television and on Internet. Some articles in the Yearbook also discuss findings on audience perceptions of violence and sex in the media. The choice of these themes has to do with the marked increase in the availability of such content to children and youth via new media technologies.The Yearbook comes with two bibliographies: Research on Pornography and Sex in the Media and Research on Video and Computer Games



Electronic Games, Pornography, Perceptions. Introduction

Cecilia von Feilitzen

Violence in Video and Computer Games

The Monster Massacre or What Is a Violent Electronic Game?

Jan Christofferson

Video Game Violence and Aggression. A Review of Research

Mark Griffiths

Killing Time? A Canadian Meditation on Video Game Culture

Stephen Kline

Video Games and Violence. Controversy and Research in Japan

Akira Sakamoto

Computer Games and Aggression. Research in Australia and New Zealand (-1998)

Kevin Durkin
Jason Low

To Kill or Not To Kill. Competitive Aggression in Australian Adolescent Males during Videogame Play

Alexander Ask
Martha Augoustinos
Anthony H. Winefield

Boys, Girls and Violent Video Games. The Views of Dutch Children

Peter Nikken

New Media and Young People in Sweden

Peter Petrov

It Isn’t Real. Children, Computer Games, Violence and Reality

Birgitte Holm Sørensen
Carsten Jessen

Perceptions of Video Games among Spanish Children and Parents

Ferran Casas

Violent Elements in Computer Games. An Analysis of Games Published in Denmark

Lisbeth Schierbeck
Bo Carstens

Classifications of Interactive Electronic Media

Jan Christofferson

Pornography and Sex in the Media

Effects of Sexual Content in the Media on Children and Adolescents

Ellen Wartella
Ronda Scantlin
Jennifer Kotler
Aletha C. Huston
Edward Donnerstein

Sexual Messages on Entertainment TV in the U.S.A.

Dale Kunkel
Kirstie Cope
Wendy Farinola
Erica Biely
Emma Rollin
Edward Donnerstein

Does Pornography Influence Sexual Activities?

Margareta Forsberg

What Is the Internet? Basic Technology from the User’s Perspective

Ragnhild T. Bjørnebekk
Tor A. Evjen

Sex on the Internet. Issues, Concerns and Implications

Mark Griffiths

Violent Pornography on the Internet. A Study of Accessibility and Prevalence

Tor A. Evjen
Ragnhild T. Bjørnebekk

Paedophile Information Networks in Cyberspace

Rachel O’Connell

Child Sex Iconography. Iconic Narratives of Child Sex Myths

Rachel O’Connell

The Naked, Hairy Caveman. Child Abuse on the Internet

Carlos A. Arnaldo

Audience Perceptions of Violence and Sex in the Media

The Audience’s Perception of Media Violence. Review of Research in the UK

Andrea Millwood Hargrave

Violence on Chilean Television and Audience Perception

Veronica Silva
Maria Dolores Souza

Censorship and the Third-Person Effect. A Study of Perception of Television Influence in Singapore

Albert C. Gunther
Peng Hwa Ang

Attitudes to Television Content in Australia

Margaret Cupitt

Contents in Context. A Study on Canadian Family Discourse about Media Practices in the Home

André H. Caron
Letizia Caronia

The Internet and the Family. The View of U.S. Parents

Joseph Turow
Lilach Nir

U.S. Adults and Kids on New Media Technology

Kids Discuss Safety on the Internet. Children’s Express

Opinions in Australia, Germany and the U.S. on Control of Misuse on the Internet

Jens Waltermann
Marcel Machill

The Protection of Minors in the Public Opinion. An Austrian Perspective

Ingrid Geretschlaeger


The Clearinghouse Yearbook
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