Children and Media Violence

Yearbook 1998

The thematic focus of the Yearbook 1998, rests on research concerning the influences of children’s exposure to violence on television. Articles discuss findings on children and televised violence resulting from research undertaken in different parts of the world. A number of shorter articles describe the media landscape as it relates to children in a variety of countries. The documentary section presents statistics on children and the media, international declarations and resolutions, regulations and measures, and a selected bibliography.



Preface I

Henrikas Yushkiavitshus

Preface II

Nils Gunnar Nilsson

Children and Media on the UN and UNESCO Agendas

The UN Convention on the Rights of the Child. Three Articles Concerning the Media

Children and Harmful Influences from the Media. The Significance of the UN Convention

Thomas Hammarberg

The Child and the Media. A Report From the UN Committee on the Rights of the Child

Thomas Hammarberg

Youth and Communication

Carlos A. Arnaldo
Åsa Finnström

Children and Violence on the Screen – Research Articles


Cecilia von Feilitzen

Children and Television Violence in the United States

Ellen Wartella
Gunhild Agger
Nancy Jennings

The Nature and Context of Violence on American Television

Barbara J. Wilson
Dale Kunkel
Dan Linz
W. James Potter
Ed Donnerstein
Stacy L. Smith
Eva Blumenthal
Mike Berry
Joel Federman

A Review of Research on Media Violence in Japan

Sachiko Imaizumi Kodaira

Children, Media and Aggression. Current Research in Australia and New Zealand

Kevin Durkin
Jason Low

Fighting Against Television Violence. An Israeli Case Study

Dafna Lemish

What Do We Know About European Research on Violence in the Media?

Olga Linné

Why Do We Watch Television Violence? Argentine Field Research

Tatiana Merlo-Flores

The UNESCO Global Study on Media Violence. Report Presented to the Director General of UNESCO

Jo Groebel

Children’s Media Situation – Research Articles

Children’s Voice in the Media. A Study of Children’s Television Programmes in Asia

Anura Goonasekera

Media Influence and Chinese Urban Children’s Ethics Development

Sun Yunxiao

Children and Electronic Media. An Australian Perspective

Stephen Nugent

An Overview of Children’s Broadcasting in South Africa

Nadia Bulbulia

Children and the Media in Flanders. A Brief Overview

Keith Roe

Media in the World

The Global Audio-Visual Media Landscape

Robert Lamb


Television and Video

Children´s & Youth´s Television Programmes

Cinema Screens

Personal Computers and Internet Users

Telephone Main Lines and Internet Host Computers

Interactive Entertainment Software Retail Sales Value

Radio Broadcast Stations and Radio Possessions

Books Titles Published

International Entertainment Companies (Top 50)

Children in the World


Children in Diffrent Regions

Demographic Indicators


Working Children

Children´s Partipatation in the Media - Some Examples

UNICEF Media Activities for Children Children’s Express, UK/USA

Participatory Techniques in Nepal

Implementation of the UN CRC and the Role of Radio

Radio Gune-Yi, Senegal

Radio to Reach Young People in Denmark

French Pupils Produce Radio Programmes

Introducing Children to Journalism and Media, Argentina

The Clearinghouse Yearbook
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