Children and Media. Image Education Participation

Yearbook 1999

The edition of 1999 brings together researchers, teachers, media professionals and representatives of voluntary organizations in different parts of the world, all of whom have devoted their creativity and energies to the development of media education and children's media participation – ultimately vital contributions to the maintenance and enhancement of democratic society. The Yearbook comes with the bibliography: Children and Media Violence Research. A selection (1989-)




Henrikas Yushkiavitshus

Media Education, Children’s Participation and Democracy

Cecilia von Feilitzen

Children’s Rights and Media: Conciliating Protection and Participation

Paulo David

Children’s Access to Media and Media Use

Children’s Changing Media Environment. Overview of a European Comparative Study

Sonia Livingstone
Katharine J. Holden
Moira Bovill

Media Access and Media Use Among 12-year-olds in the World

Jo Groebel

Children’s Amount of TV Viewing. Statistics from Ten Countries

The Image of the Child in the Media

The Image of Children in Prime Time Television. Casting and Fate

George Gerbner

The News Media’s Picture of Children in the United States

Dale Kunkel
Stacy L. Smith

Children and Media in Pakistan

Masroor Mohsin Gilani

Advocates of a New Consumer Society. Children in Television Advertising

Leela Rao

Some Thoughts on Developing Child-friendly Media

Mike Jempson

‘Kids These Days...’. A Seminar Researched and Presented by Young Journalists from Children’s Express

Media Education

Media Education in Canada – the Second Spring

Neil Andersen
Barry Duncan
John J. Pungente

South African Media Education in the Late Twentieth Century. Rising Phoenix or Dying Swan?

Jeanne Prinsloo

Australian Children and the Media. Education, Participation and Enjoyment

Barrie McMahon
Robyn Quin

Media Education in Europe. With Special Focus on the Nordic Countries

Birgitte Tufte

The Place of Production. Media Education and Youth Media Production in the UK.

David Buckingham

Against Violence: Sensorial Experiences Involving Light and Sight. Media Education and Educational Technology from a Latin American Point of View

Ismar de Oliveira Soares

The Changing Media Scenario in India. Implications for Media Education

Keval J. Kumar

Children’s Participation in the Media

The Media and Our Children: The Promise of Participation

Feny de los Angeles-Bautista

The Convention Goes Live. UNICEF’s International Children’s Day of Broadcasting and Voices of Youth

Francis Mead

Children’s Participation in Brazilian Television

Beth Carmona

These Are Our Stories. The Teen Video Story Adventure

Connie John

Children and Television in China

Jia Peijun

The Austrian Children’s Charter on Television

Ingrid Geretschlaeger

Animation at School. A Model for Media Teaching at Comprehensive School Level

Erling Ericsson

Summer Talks. Children and Producers Talk to Each Other

Olga Linné

Children and Professionals. Creating Video Films Together

Jerzy Moszkowicz

Video and Intercultural Communication

Horst Niesyto

Video Production by Japanese Students. Introducing their Everyday Life to a Foreign Audience

Yasuo Takakuwa

TV By Teens, For Teens. Developing and Evaluating a Production Model

Lin Ai-Leen

Young Broadcasters in Ghana

Sarah Akrofi-Quarcoo

I’m a Child, but I Have My Rights, Too!

Mimi Brazeau

Children’s Participation in Radio, Burkina Faso

François Zongo

Moving Towards Participation on the Internet. New Radio Initiatives for Children and Young People

Sarah McNeill

The Online Kids. Children’s Participation on the Internet

Ebba Sundin

Bhima Patrike. An Indian Wall Magazine for Working Children

Kavita Ratna
N. Lakshmi

Mambo Leo, Sauti ya Watoto. A Children’s Magazine in Tanzania

Esther Obdam

Australian Students Making Media

Roger Holdsworth

Communication Media: For or Against Education?

Carlos A. Arnaldo

International and Regional Declarations and Resolutions – Children and Media

European Convention on Transfrontier Television of the Council of Europe

The European Union Directive “Television without Frontiers”

The European Broadcasting Union’s Guidelines for Programmes when Dealing with the Portrayal of Violence

Bratislava Resolution

The Clearinghouse Yearbook
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