Blurring the Lines

Market-Driven and Democracy-Driven Freedom of Expression

Maria Edström
Andrew T. Kenyon
Eva-Maria Svensson
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Blurring the Lines: Market-Driven and Democracy-Driven Freedom of Expression focuses on challenges from the market to free speech and how free speech can be protected, promoted and developed when lines between journalism and advertising are blurred. With contributions from 20 scholars in law, media studies and philosophy, it explores an issue deserving greater attention, market pressures on freedom of expression. The role of commercial constraints on speech, restrictions and control of media content and the responsibility of state institutions in protecting free speech are some of the topics scrutinized from a democratic free speech perspective.



Introduction: Rethinking Freedom of Expression and Media Freedom
Eva-Maria Svensson, Andrew T. Kenyon, Maria Edström

Opening speech: Freedom of Expression in Transition: A Media Perspective
Ulla Carlsson

I. Free Speech, the State and Tensions

Who, What, Why and How: Questions for Positive Free Speech and Media Systems
Andrew T. Kenyon

Beyond Positive and Negative Conceptions of Free Speech
Kari Karppinen

Freedom of Expression as a Public Service
Hans-Gunnar Axberger

Toward a People’s Internet: The Fight for Positive Freedoms in an Age of Corporate Libertarianism
Victor Pickard

Europe’s Many Crises and the Confinement of Democracy-Driven Free Speech
Katharine Sarikakis

The Democratic Dynamics of Government Consultations: Speaking Freely and Listening Properly
John Morison

II. In Between Advertising and Journalism

The Commercial Constraints on Speech Limit Democratic Debate
Justin Lewis

Killing the Golden Goose: Will Blending Advertising and Editorial Content Diminish the Value of Both?
Tamara R. Piety

Upholding the Division Between Editorial and Commercial Content in Legislation and Self-Regulation
Eva-Maria Svensson

Blurring the Boundaries in Practice? Economic, Organisational and Regulatory Barriers Against Native Advertising
Fredrik Stiernstedt

Audience Advertising Fatigue and New Alliances to Finance Content in Broadcasting
Maria Edström

On-Line Life in a Commercialised World: The Commodification of Mediated Social Relations
Bengt Johansson, Stina Bengtsson

Influencers Tell All? Unravelling Authenticity and Credibility in a Brand Scandal
Crystal Abidin, Mart Ots

III. Restrictions and Control of Media Content

“Self-Regulate, or We Will Regulate Your Content”: Are State Threats of Regulation Threats to Freedom of Speech?
Torbjörn von Krogh

Limiting Market-Driven Freedom of Expression by Regulating Sexist Advertising in Spain: An Evaluation of and Some Shadows from the First Decade
Marta Martín-Llaguno

Hate Speech and the Distribution of the Costs and Benefits of Freedom of Speech
David Brax

Breaking the Ban: The Use of Televised Political Advertising in Norway
Magnus Hoem Iversen

The Authors

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