Call for papers | 15 feb 2016

Becoming Old in the Age of Mediatization


This special issue of Nordicom Review aims for a deeper understanding of where and how media have specific consequences for the later parts of the life cycle as well as how old age/ageing is affected and shaped by processes of mediatization.
Mediatization research has thus far focused on issues such as parenthood and children’s play, while other studies of media dynamics relate to various aspects of work life and public life, such as politics, religion, sports, and conflict.

Radio Research | 11 feb 2016

The World Radio Day

Radio is the mass media reaching the widest audience in the world. It is also recognized as a powerful communication tool and a low cost medium.

Call for papers | 3 feb 2016

Photojournalism in Editorial Processes


A special issue of Nordicom Review will examine photojournalism in editorial processes in a period of paradigmatic change that so far has received little scholarly attention.

On the one hand, news is becoming more visual, on the other hand, professional roles and newsroom processes are changing rapidly.

Call for proposals | 11 jan 2016

World Trends in Freedom of Expression and Media Development 2017

UNESCO is inviting written proposals from academic and research institutions for producing the 2017 report in the series World Trends in Freedom of Expression and Media Development

NYHET | 10 jan 2016

Män i kraftig majoritet i nyhetsflödet

Den femte globala nyhetsstudien Global Media Monitoring Project visar att män fortfarande är i kraftig majoritet i nyhetsflödet.

Call for paper | 7 dec 2015

Behind the Scenes? Ethnic Minorities in European Media Organizations

In a special issue of Nordicom Review, no. 1/2017, we invite proposals for papers addressing one of the most important, yet under-addressed issues in contemporary European media and communication research: the presence and role of ethnic minorities working within European media organizations.

Deadline for abstracts: January 30, 2016.

NYHET | 15 okt 2015

UNESCO study: Principles for governing the Internet

UNESCO has launched a new study called “Principles for governing the Internet”. This reviews and analyses more than 50 Internet-specific declarations and frameworks relevant to Internet principles.

NYHET | 12 okt 2015

The State of Broadband 2015

While Internet access is approaching saturation in the developed world, it is only accessible to a third of the people in developing countries. The State of Broadband Report 2015 points at inequalities in ICT access and use worldwide.

New book | 10 aug 2015

The Nordic Media and the Cold War


The Cold War was global and included northern European countries like Sweden, Denmark, Finland and Norway in different ways.

A number of controversial topics are covered in this book on the Nordic Media and the Cold War, edited by the Norwegian researchers Henrik G. Bastiansen & Rolf Werenskjold.

Symposium | 4 aug 2015

Global Journalism Symposium

The Global Journalism Symposium 6 October 2015 in  Kristiansand, Norway, will bring together media scholars from different parts of the world.

The Global Journalism Symposium 2015 brings together scholars for a day of discussion and exchange. The symposium will have both plenary sessions with invited guest speakers and break-away sessions with paper presentations.


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