NYHET | 3 dec 2015

Media use in the EU countries

In a European comparison, the people of the Nordic countries are fairly avid radio listeners and readers of written press, but watch traditional TV at an EU average level or slightly less. As for Internet-related activities such as watching TV via the Internet, using online social networks or the Internet on the whole, the Nordics are at the top, according to the Eurobarometer surveys.

NYHET | 27 nov 2015

Open access resources on media law in Europe

The  implementation of the Audiovisual Media Service Directive and the public service media remit are the subjects of two open access resources, recently launched by the European Audiovisual Observatory.

Conference | 18 nov 2015

The Free Daily Press in Europe 1995-2015

The free daily newspaper was created in Scandinavian countries in the mid-1990s. Today it's part of the everyday life of millions of Europeans.
The Free Daily Press in Europe 1995-2015  is an event aimed to promote an indepth debate on this particular massmedium that has been circulating in cities for the past 20 years.

Abstracts must reach the scientific committee by 30 November 2015.


Nordicom is at the EBU Knowledge Exchange

The EBU Knowledge Exchange 2015 will take place on September 14-15 in Geneva, with the topic PSM's Contribution to Society. Nordicom will host an info-point, including the full range of publications by the RIPE network.

NYHETSBREV | 11 aug 2015

New issue: European Media Policy

Nordicom's newsletter European Media Policy reports about policy developments at the European level, as well as some international news. The August issue is now available.

NYHET | 15 jun 2015

The European market for VoD services

The European Commission has published a report on the VOD market in Europe, covering both developments of the market for on-demand audiovisual services and an overview of audiovisual audience measurements in the EU.

NYHETSBREV | 8 apr 2015

News on European Media Policy

[NORDICOM] The newsletter European Media Policy provides an up-date on policy developments at the European level. The April issue is now available for download.

NYHET | 22 feb 2015

Media Pluralism Monitor Report

During 2014, the Centre for Media Pluralism and Media Freedom carried out a pilot-test implementation of an updated version of the Media Pluralism Monitor developed in 2009, with the aim to assess the risks to media pluralism in the monitored countries. The result for Denmark, which was the only Nordic country included in the study, shows a low/medium risk for media pluralism.

NYHET | 18 feb 2015

20 years of Nordic free dailies

A 67-part series on free dailies intends to cover two decades of free newspaper development in Europe and the world. Media researcher Piet Bakker’s “Newspaper Innovation” blog sets out from the 20th birthday of the first ‘modern’ free daily, Metro Stockholm, and reports on the development country by country. Here is a short summary of the Nordic free daily story.


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