NordMedia | 14 okt 2016

NordMedia 2017: Call for temporary working groups

NordMedia 2017 conference invites proposals for new temporary working groups to complete academic discussions around the conference theme Mediated Realities - Global Challenges.
Proposals for temporary working groups with contact information of chairs and vice chairs and no more than 300 word must be submitted before 14th November.

Conference | 25 aug 2016


The NordMedia 2017 conference - the 28th - is hosted by University of Tampere between August 17th to 19th. The theme is 'Mediated Realities – Global Challenges'.

Konferens | Norden | 11 aug 2015

Nordicom är på Nordmedia 13-15 augusti

Den nordiska konferensen för medie- och kommunikationsforskning, Nordmedia, äger rum i Köpenhamn 13-15 augusti. Välkomna till Nordicoms bokbord och bläddra i våra publikationer, tidskrifter och nyhetsbrev om nordisk medieforskning och medietrender.

NordMedia | 18 maj 2015

Nordmedia Pre-conference: Digital Methods

In the context of the NordMedia conference, which will be hosted by the University of Copenhagen in August 2015, The Center for Communication and Computing invites interested scholars to AN open workshop on digital methods. 

NordMedia | 10 dec 2014

Proposals Deadline 18 December

The biannual NordMedia conference is arranged by the Nordic media research associations in cooperation with Nordicom and the host university, this year by the University of Copenhagen.

An opening of a new division has now become possible. Researchers with no or limited affiliation to any of the 10 divisions may use this opportunity to establish their own arena for exchange of specialised knowledge in a specific field. Proposals should be e-mailed no later than December 18th.

Conference | 26 nov 2014

NordMedia2015 - Call for Papers

NordMedia2015 invite you to submit abstracts for the 2015 conference under the theme Media Presence – Mobile Modernities. Deadline for submitting abstracts is February 25th, 2015. The conference accepts abstracts for full papers, extended abstracts, panel proposals and poster presentations.

NordMedia2015 | 14 nov 2014

Media Presence – Mobile Modernities

The keynote speakers for the NordMedia 2015 conference have now been announced: Professor Franc Biocca, Director of Newhouse School of Public Communications, Syracuse University and Associate Professor Lee Humphreys, Department of Communication, Cornell University.


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