The Media Barometer 2014

Almost six and a half hours!

That’s how much time an average Swede spends daily on media use

Every year the knowledge centre Nordicom at Gothenburg University conducts a survey on media use in Sweden: The Media Barometer. Results from the 2014 survey have now been published. One main finding is that children and youth spend most of their media time on social media, while middle-aged and older people still spend most of their time on scheduled television programmes.

The media are an integrated part of our daily lives, and a large share of our waking time is devoted to media use. Today, around 75 per cent of inhabitants have access to a smartphone, which means they literary have the Internet in their pockets. Half of the population use the mobile device for social media. Only five years ago, 14 per cent of the population had access to a smartphone. This technical development is thus almost revolutionary. One can easily get the impression that the media landscape has been completely transformed. But is that the case?

- Partly, says Ingela Wadbring, Director of Nordicom. While technical developments are underway, many of our media habits stay the same. Still, on a normal day, eight out of ten spend one and a half hours watching television. But young people and older people have different habits: Among the young, watching YouTube clips is as common as watching ordinary television. Senior citizens hardly use YouTube at all, but spend a great deal of time on traditional television. Media use is a question of generational belonging.

Over time, the proportion of the population who read newspapers has decreased – independent of platform – while book reading has remained stable. On the Internet, a larger share use social media than use traditional media. There are, however, major differences between young people and older people regarding all media forms.


About the Media Barometer

The Media Barometer is an annual survey that analyses daily media use on different platforms among Swedish inhabitants between 9 and 79 years of age. Its purpose is to describe tendencies and changes in media use. The first survey was conducted in 1979. The survey is based on telephone interviews that are conducted across an entire year. Respondents are selected at random from the population. In 2014, 6,010 persons were interviewed.

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