Yearbook 2017: Beyond the Stereotypes?

NY PUBLIKATION | 1 december 2017

Beyond the Stereotypes? Images of Boys and Girls, and their Consequences  is the Clearinghouse Yearbook of 2017. The book explores the influence and consequences of exposure to gender representations on children and youth. 

The Clearinghouse Yearbook of 2017 present examples of interventions from around the world attempting to break gender barriers in media and secondly, explore the influence and consequences of exposure to gender representations – both traditional as well as counter-traditional – on children and youth. The initiation of this volume was motivated by many dedicated scholars, practitioners, and activists worldwide to rectify gender inequalities portrayed in the media consumed by children.


Editors are Dafna Lemish and Maya Götz


The book is open access and available to download here. 

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Catharina Bucht