NYHET | 15 okt 2015

UNESCO study: Principles for governing the Internet

UNESCO has launched a new study called “Principles for governing the Internet”. This reviews and analyses more than 50 Internet-specific declarations and frameworks relevant to Internet principles.

The study encompasses both quantitative and qualitative assessments of more than 50 declarations, guidelines, and frameworks. The issues contained in these documents are assessed in the context of UNESCO’s  interested areas such as access, freedom of expression, privacy, ethics, Priority Gender Equality, Priority Africa, and sustainable development, etc.

As a background database to illustrate this study and an online web source for policy makers and other stakeholders, UNESCO has launched a webpage collecting and updating various international and regional instruments, as well as declarations of various meetings that relate to the areas of access, freedom of expression, privacy and ethics.

UNESCO press release 22.09.2015

Download: Principles for governing the Internet. A comparative analysis

Web source listing international and regional instruments, etc.


About the report: This is the sixth edition in the UNESCO Internet Freedom Series. UNESCO has started in 2009 to commission this series publications of Internet Freedom, aiming to explore the changing legal and policy issues of Internet and provide its Member States and other stakeholders with policy recommendations aiming to foster a conducive environment to freedom of expression on the net. See previous titles in UNESCO Series on Internet Freedom.