PUBLIKATIONER | 16 feb 2016

Teletext in Europe

Teletext is a medium that has been very much part of people's everyday lives across Europe for over forty years, but still a medium most often overlooked by media research.

There are very few studies or even general reflections on the medium Teletext.

This anthology, edited by Professor Hallvard Moe, University of Bergen, and Professor Hilde Van den Bulck, University of Antwerp, will fill the gap of knowledge of teletext in Europe

The book contains peer reviewed chapters by renowned European researchers in the field of teletext.
The first part provides broad and surprising perspectives on teletext as a medium. The second part provides various country cases of the development of teletext in Europe.

It is a great pleasure for Nordicom to publish the research anthology Teletext in Europe. From the Analog to the Digital Era. The publication is available in print and as free pdf.

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