NordMedia | 10 dec 2014

Proposals Deadline 18 December

The biannual NordMedia conference is arranged by the Nordic media research associations in cooperation with Nordicom and the host university, this year by the Department of Media, Cognition and Communication at the University of Copenhagen.

Opening of a new division

An opening of a new division has now become possible. Researchers with no or limited affiliation to any of the 10 divisions may use this opportunity to establish their own arena for exchange of specialised knowledge in a specific field.  If approved, the division will function under the same terms as the other divisions at the NordMedia 2015 conference.

Proposals should be e-mailed no later than December 18th.

Proposals, of a maximum of 400 words, must contain:

  • Title
  • Nominations for chair and co-chair positions and their contact information
  • Description of the relevance of the division, of the theoretical field and how it may contribute to media and communication research and its development

Proposals should be e-mailed to student secretary Agnete Mette Juul, no 

Accepted proposals will be announced primo January, 2015.