Photojournalism and Editorial Processes

NY PUBLIKATION | 29 november 2017

This special issue of Nordicom Review puts togheter comprise new research and international perspectives on photojournalism and editorial processes.

News media content is becoming increasingly visual. In the digital world, news editors have access to large amounts of visual materials from a multiplicity of sources. In particular, the rapid development of accessible technologies and the possibility of instant sharing of imagery on social media have helped usher in a democratization of photography. If anyone can take a photo, according to an oft-repeated rhetorical question, what is the role of photojournalism in our time? (e.g. Allan 2015, Newton 2009, Ritchin 2013) Does it matter, any longer, who the photographers are or how they work?

The idea of putting together a journal issue on photojournalism and editorial processes was inspired by  a collaboration on a panel at the NordMedia conference in 2015. As scholars of visual journalism from three Nordic countries the editors sensed a kind of urgency, given the fast pace of media changes, and a need to collect more research in a eld of rapid and unpredictable growth.

The result, presented in this special issue of Nordicom Review, is a collection of articles whose authors address the topic through various theoretical and methodological lenses and in different contexts. 

Editors are Astrid Gynnild, Maria Nilsson,  Anne Hege Simonsen and  Hanna Weselius


All articles included in this issues are available as open access. Download Nordicom Review Special Issue "Photojournalism and Editorial Processes. Global Similarities, Local Differences" here.