NYHETSBREV | 2 dec 2019

Nytt om europeisk mediepolitik – läs vårt nyhetsbrev

Welcome to this year's third issue of our European Media Policy newsletter, providing an update on policy developments at the European level. Focus is on policy news from the European Union.

Some of the contents in this new issue:

  • Mark Zuckerberg and his fellow tech czars may have reason to be wary of what the new EU Commission has in stall for them.
  • It’s no longer only hackers and extremists who spread false information on the web. Governments seem quite good at it too.
  • Many are looking forward to the Digital Services Act, a new EU regulatory framework in the pipeline. Digital platforms are probably less excited.
  • Europeans used to worry a lot about American dominance in the media sector. Now some are beginning to be fret about Chinese influence, for example, in building 5G networks. Others feel they could use some investment.
  • Being poor and digitally illiterate is no fun, shows a report recently presented to the UN General Assembly.


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