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Nytt nummer av nyhetsbrevet European Media Policy

 | 25 augusti 2022
Welcome to a new issue of our European Media Policy newsletter, Nordicom's newsletter covering the latest developments in media policy at the EU level. Read about: continued controversies surrounding EU's draft law to protect children online, increased political pressure on public service media in many parts of Europe and the new "metaverse" hype that doesn't seem to be letting up. The newsletter can be downloaded for free.

Some of the contents:

  • EU’s draft law to prevent and combat child sexual abuse online continues to spark controversy.
  • In July, the EU’s landmark new digital rules were adopted by Parliament. Now all eyes are turning to the next worry: enforcement.
  • The EU Commission is concerned about the increasing political pressure on public service media in many parts of Europe. Its recently published Rule of Law Report includes a new section on this issue.
  • Of interest not only in France is a recent ruling by the French competition watchdog regarding Google’s commitments to solve its copyright dispute with news media over online content.
  • Although financial support may be welcome, it may take more than that to improve the situation in the news industry – like looking into why more and more people are avoiding the news.
  • The new “metaverse” hype is not letting up. Big bucks are on the horizon, and everyone seems to want a piece of the pie. Will policy-makers be able to keep up?

Download European Media Policy 2, 2022 (PDF, 204 KB)


European Media Policy is a newsletter published by Nordicom and edited by Anna Celsing. Published three times a year, it focuses specifically on developments in media policy at the European level, such as new proposals for legislation, debates in the European Parliament, recently taken or impending policy decisions, EU studies in the field, and so forth.

Eva Harrie

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